Although it is true that the elaboration of a business plan that includes a market. Study is an action of vital importance to achieve. The penetration of the brand on the internet, through the increase of traffic towards. Our good or service, it is it is also very correct to say that market studies do not guarantee. By themselves, the success of a product launch. Since the beginning of 2010, a new trend has been unleashed whereby marketing. Experts from numerous brands have claimed to have found a solution in neurological science. This new technique, which contemplates the performance. Of an mri, provides brands with information on the emotions.

Since It Is Through Brain Research That Needs and Interests.

Of great informative value for brands are identified. If we focus this novelty in the world of advertising in a context such as. The China Business Fax List current one in which the economic crisis places the term investment in the eye of the hurricane for brands. Companies find in neuroscience an edge through which to make investment profitable and the time destined to analyze. From its origin the emotions that accompany the users in their purchase. Process.

But Not Because an Advertisement Records a Mark.

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In our brain, it will be enough to compulsively buy the product offered to us. The key to neuromarketing lies in the manipulation of the study. Another of the great revelations consists in confirming that placing. An ad in a prime time slot does not guarantee its success among consumers. This confirms that advertising and marketing are eminently emotional. And although consumers believe that the campaigns and strategies launched. By brands respond to totally rational analyzes and studies, the truth is that. It is emotions that guide and accompany consumers in their decision to buy.

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