last March Google assured that Pakistan Email List “70% of the websites that are shown in search results have already changed” , so this figure should be higher now. In fact, by default all new websites have been indexed Pakistan Email List by Mobile First for months. Mobile First Index: how to prepare your eCommerce for the new stage Google has continuously given notice of this change in their indexing for some time now, Pakistan Email List and most of the websites already have their mobile versions ready to face this new era, which should not surprise anyone since we have had plenty of time to prepare. Pakistan Email List. Most of the pages that Google teaches are already indexed by its mobile version 5 common issues to check out before migrating to the Mobile.

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First Index If you manage Pakistan Email List a website that has not migrated to the new index, Google released a statement with some of the most common problems to consider when the site is automatically migrated to Pakistan Email List mobile indexing. Metatags robots in mobile version: should use the same meta tags in both the mobile version and the desktop Lazy loading on the mobile version : here are some of the best practices highlighted by Google Be careful what content you block for searches . For example, if you block image urls Pakistan Email List, you will make them disappear from Google Images. Priority content must match Pakistan Email List between mobile and desktop. If your mobile version has less content than the desktop version.

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You should update the mobile Pakistan Email List version so that its main content (the content you want to rank for or the reason why users visit your website) is equivalent. Only content displayed on the mobile version will be used for indexing and ranking in search. Mobile images and videos must follow Google’s good practices : sufficient resolution Pakistan Email List, quality, fast loading, descriptive alt texts, etc. While Google has postponed the migration of mobile indexing, it’s best to get your websites up and running earlier. In fact, taking into account the importance that Pakistan Email List Google has long given to the usability of websites, the fact that Pakistan Email List some are not prepared for this change indicates that they could present general navigation and performance problems and.

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