The world of fashion is one of the most important industries in the world. Millions of dollars are generated each year around this sector. Which is increasingly diversifying, finding new markets. While adapting to social changes. Advertising plays a very important role in building. A brand’s identity and its seductive relationship with consumers. That of fashion and advertising. Is one of the strongest relationships in the global market. It is very easy to associate both spectra. An advertising campaign full of ingenuity. Inventiveness and consistency could be the key to success for a brand in the fashion industry. Thus, the fusion of design geniuses and revolutionary creatives. This can result in a publicity coup that catapults a firm.

Within the Industry 30 Years After Tommy This 2015.

The Tommy Hilfiger clothing brand celebrates three decades of adding red. White and blue to north American fashion first, and to world fashion later. Today the brand is preparing a campaign. The successful Rafael Nadal as its brand ambassador, while the designer announces the publication of his autobiography. Which will be ready soon in bookstores. But the Buy Macedonia WhatsApp Numbers success of this name was not built step by step like some others in the industry. It was a publicity stunt. In the mid-1980s, an advertisement. In times square claimed that a certain Tommy Hilfiger. Was one of the four most important clothing designers in the united states.

Along With the Already Established Ralph Lauren.

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Perry Ellis and Calvin Klein. The advertising poster included the brand’s distinctive: the colors blue, red, and white accompanied by the legend “This is the logo of the least known of the four”. A strategy motivated by the desire of consumers to use the unknown, the anti-mainstream. Tommy Hilfiger by this time, the name Tommy coupled with the surname Hilfiger were unknown on the American fashion scene. Even new york magazine published in 1986 the article Tommy who-? While questioning the merits of the couturier to be considered a representative of one of the most important industries in the world. The name behind this campaign: Lois, the famous advertising creative and “Cultural provocateur.

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