The business manager, or commercial administrator, is a free. Facebook platform with the following features: Creation of ads, tracking-statistical data of the same . Managing assets and adding an agency or marketing partners that help you run your business. With the Facebook Power Editor it will be easier for you to perform some of the tasks related to. The publication of your facebook ads campaigns and it will take less time. It even allows you to set filters that report information on what you are most interested in analyzing. You will have full control over all the campaigns you have running on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network. Recommended for large advertising campaigns. ad manager Facebook Ads Manager is a very useful and simple tool, designed for users of all levels.

In addition, with the mobile application we can control the campaigns at all times. Since Ads Manager is the most standard option, and easy to use for any user, we are going to focus this guide on it. Guide to using Facebook Ads correctly (and profitably) What goals do you want to achieve with Facebook Ads? What goals do you want to achieve with Facebook Ads? The first step when creating an ad on Facebook is to define what our marketing objective is. Ads Manager sets three categories: Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion. Recognition Facebook Ads: Recognition Brand recognition A campaign format that aims to achieve visibility (impressions and reach) among the target we want to reach and with more chances that they will be interested in our brand. Scope Similar to brand recognition, but in this case the scope and impressions are amplified to the detriment of target

Three Tools To Create Ads On Facebook Ads Business Manager

Consideration Facebook Ads: Consideration Aruba Email List With this campaign the purpose is to generate traffic. Whether it’s on a website, an app, or a Messenger conversation. Interaction It is one of the most used formats. It serves for three things: increase the interaction with a post, get fans or increase the responses of an event. The typical sponsored posts are created with this type of campaign. Application installs Its purpose is to get people to install our app. video views The very title clearly shows the goal: to generate video views (on a video posted on the wall or one that we publish only in the ad). Parameters to take into account: Recommended duration: up to 15 seconds Recommended aspect ratio: vertical (4:5) Recommended format: .mp4, .mov or .gif Recommended durations by location: Facebook: 240 minutes maximum Instream: 5 – 15 seconds Audience Network: 5 – 120 segundos

Aruba Email List
Aruba Email List

So if you want your video to play in almost all locations, it should be no longer than 60 seconds. Resolution: 600 pixels wide minimum. File size: 4 GB maximum. Generation of leads This option will allow us to obtain data from potential customers. An ad with a form integrated in facebook and that exports the data in excel or csv format. Posts Campaign mode that aims to increase the number of messages received on messenger. Conversion Facebook Ads: Conversion conversions We will use this campaign when we aim to generate conversions on a web page or application (users fill in a form, sales, etc.). NOTE: You need to install the facebook pixel , an analytics tool that works similar to Google Analytics. catalog sales In this case the objective is to promote the product catalog of our company.

Facebook Allows You To Indicate Daily Budget

Examples of the most used ad formats in Facebook Ads Engagement ad to increase post engagement Engagement ad to increase post engagementInteraction ad to get fans Interaction ad to get fans Conversions ad to drive conversions on a website Conversions ad to drive conversions on a websiteAd to increase views of a video and get more consideration Ad to increase views of a video and get more consideration How to create an effective Facebook Ads campaign How to create an effective Facebook Ads campaign We create one type of campaign or another, the steps to follow will be mainly the same. Let’s see what they are: Select campaign-target Once we select the type of campaign we want to create, we name it and click on “continue”. The screen that will appear will be that of the set of ads. ad set Public Facebook Ads

languages ​​if applicable (you may want to create an ad aimed at people from Galicia who only speak Galician) and gender. The “connections” option can also be important. For example, if we want to exclude fans from our page. Facebook Ads Ad Set: Connections locations Facebook Ads Ad Set – Placements As a general rule, it is recommended to leave this section as it appears by default (automatic locations). In this way facebook will show the ads in the locations that it considers that can obtain better results. Budget and calendar Facebook Ads Ad Set – Placements The higher the budget, the greater the scope, as you can see in the estimation graph that Facebook shows in the right side column. However, a tip, start with small amounts and compare the results of several ads before deciding to make a large investment. If you have never used Facebook Ads

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