Prevention is always better than cure. Make sure you have clear in advance what the company photographer gives you permission for in the license. Then you won’t be surprised afterwards that you have a collection of beautiful images in the cloud, which you can’t use as you had in mind. As a business photographer, for example, I use the Macedonia Phone Number  standard license that the use of the image is for an indefinite period and only within the Benelux. Optional: provide a quit claim Do you want to define even better what you can and cannot use the photos for? Then you can do that in a quitclaim .

Optional: provide a quitclaim

This is an agreement between the people in the photos (your employees and maybe customers) and the photographer, who then transfers the Macedonia Phone Number quitclaim to you. With a quitclaim you ask the person in the photo for permission to use a photo for a certain time in a specific context. This of course has drawbacks: it is a hassle and you limit yourself in use. But it also has advantages: it sends a pleasant signal to your employees and if there are questions or comments afterwards, you can fall back on the quitclaim together.

Macedonia Phone Number

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