The acceptance of the campaign was such that it reached Turkmenistan Email List more than 1.6 million impressions during the course of it, and around 5,200 likes . Likewise, the Saudi company managed to gain 3,500 followers with this campaign, with an engagement ratio of 4.2%. To achieve these levels of acceptance, the campaign also used a guiding principle to reach the most relevant figures. Being these people, users who would have shown interest in renting a car, users who interacted with their previous tweets and those who joined the public conversation about the National Day of Saudi Arabia. Getty Museum y Hawke Media The Getty Museum is a global arts organization based in Los Angeles, California.

enables them to gain more visibility and attract new audiences

This, in conjunction with the Hawks Media agency created a campaign to publicize their first virtual presentation called “The Odyssey.” A 5-episode miniseries aimed at the whole family, featuring a hilarious reinterpretation of the Homer classic. Getty’s presence on Twitter is constant, as it uses the social network as a publication channel to talk about art and thus connect with its audience. Now, the campaign focused exclusively on the miniseries to be presented, offering teaser tweets about each chapter to raise the interest of users. Likewise, he also presented other approaches, such as recapitulations of the previous chapters for those who had missed something and surveys on these, generating a greater degree of interaction.

Turkmenistan Email List

Finally, Getty and Hawks also took advantage of Twitter re marketing tools to bring back users who had interacted with past campaigns, which allowed them to achieve an engagement rate of 14.25% , which translates into some 65,628 participation. in his tweets by users and a CPE of just $ 0.04 . Compotes y Social-club Teenagers and healthy food does not always seem to be an optimal combination, but the French company Compotes and the Social Club agency managed to create a successful campaign covering this combination. “I like you, but I can’t stand the sound of your mouth … This is the solution” is the focus of this campaign where Compotes highlights its fruit compotes, which do not generate annoying noises when eaten.

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