Likewise, if you don’t plan far enough ahead of time, you may be scrambling to create quality content in a timely fashion. No one needs that stress! Planning ahead also gives you more time to review content and proofread, proofread, proofread. The last thing you want is to rush through content and end up publishing something with an embarrassing mistake. Depending on how frequently you publish content… …you might want to consider weekly, quarterly, or bi-monthly content calendars instead, but monthly calendars are typically ideal. If you plan too far ahead, you may have to make adjustments when plans change.

A content marketing calendar created on Google Sheets can easily be worked on, edited, and shared across a group of people. They’re great for collaboration! There are many different ways you can lay out your content marketing calendar depending on the amount of detail you wish to include. Some people prefer to organize their content on a standard calendar so they can see all the content at once. Others prefer a linear view with dates on the far left side and corresponding rows of content. Monthly content marketing calendar Layout is important for the sake of organization. It’s best to use an Excel spreadsheet or Google Sheet to plan your content. If you have a large team working on content, a dynamic platform like Google Sheets will be the most beneficial for you.

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First, you should mark off only the days you actually want to be publishing content. Not everybody needs to post content every single day. Then again, some business owners post fresh content multiple times a day. Create separate columns for each platform to include any different variations of the content you will need. Spreadsheets will also allow you to create multiple tabs so… …you can have Singapore phone number one for website content, one for email content, and one for social media content. That way all your content platforms can be organized on one calendar for easy access. content marketing calendar example Regardless of how you choose to layout your content marketing calendar, there are a few steps you should take each time you start a new one. If you are planning to post the same or similar content across multiple platforms.

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Maybe you get less traction on weekends and should avoid posting content on weekends for future content calendars. If you are not publishing your content on a specific schedule, it can be nearly impossible to accurately track patterns like this. To find a content publishing frequency that works for you and your business, consider industry standards and available resources. It all depends on your audience’s demand and the industry you’re in. Aim to keep a consistent content posting schedule, whether it be once a week, three times per week, or every weekday. Consistency is key when it comes to content marketing. Consistent posting allows you to track patterns more easily. For example, maybe content you post on Mondays gets more readership or social shares than the content you post other days of the week.

Should your content calendar like?

Once you’ve marked off the days you want your content to be published on. It’s time to mark off any significant holidays or industry events on your calendar. This ensures you don’t miss anything! A well-organized content marketing calendar can save you a lot of time in the long run. After that, you should mark off the remaining spaces on your calendar with themes you want to touch on. Make sure you alternate between themes so you aren’t posting content on the same theme too frequently. You don’t want to overwhelm your content writers or proofreaders or else you could end up with low-quality content. Remember, when it comes to content marketing, always value quality over quantity. content marketing calendar plan.

Play around with videos, gifs, and even infographics! On the subject of keeping your content diverse, remember to diversify your target audiences as well. It’s pretty typical for a business to have more than one audience. For example, a dog food supply company may be targeting breeders, doggy daycare owners, and regular people who own dogs. Keep all of your audiences in mind, and diversify content so that each audience is getting the same amount of attention. You may also want to include evergreen content, that is, types of content you always post on a consistent basis like… …a “throwback Thursday” photo or a regularly occurring employee spotlight. In addition to addressing multiple different themes throughout your content marketing calendar. You should also alternate between different types of content. Not all content has to be in the form of text or text with accompanying images.

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