That leaves you with #2. As previously mentioned, when your website has more pages, you have better odds of ranking well in search engines. Now consider this: every time you publish a blog post and, as a result, create a new web page, you create: One more opportunity for your website to appear for the queries people are entering into search engines One more opportunity for another website to link to your blog post. Purpose of a blog To make your website a lead-generating machine, you need people to actually see it. The two most important ways people can discover you online are: 1) they type in your site’s URL, or 2) they find you through search engines. Now, unless you are a big player in your industry like, say, Baskin Robbins or Nestlé, the odds of #1 happening to your brand are pretty unlikely.

Now that we know how significant a blog can be for your business, let’s talk about how exactly it can affect your brand. The Purpose of a Blog and What It Does For Your Business Blogging for business or projects, or business blogging as we call it in the form of creating and publishing short-form content. what better way to get more indexed pages than adding carefully crafted blog posts to your site? In addition to your website pages, your blog should be a key contributor to your content marketing strategy. Digital marketers, as well as businesses, have apparently realized that; according to a survey done by Content Marketing Institute. 94% of marketers and business owners are planning to invest in a content creation strategy this year.

That we know how significant a blog 

creating/distributing useful, beneficial, and effective content is only going to help your business grow in the long run. Content marketing in the B2B sector has become a vast field with many different types of content marketing ideas being produced. Everything Iran phone number from blog posts to podcasts to templates to case studies to white papers… …can be used by a B2B company to reach out to prospects, attract them to their offer, and convert them into sales. B2B content marketing strategy One of the biggest benefits of B2B content marketing is that it helps build trust in a unique way. When you regularly publish high quality content that is relevant to the interests of your target audience.

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By putting real effort into B2B content marketing, your potential customers not only trust you with your advice. But also look forward to doing business with your company. However, it’s important for B2B content marketers to keep in mind that B2B content marketing only gives. You achieve two important things that help your audience trust your brand. It positions your company as an industry thought leader, influencer or an authority that people can count on. It helps your target audience figure out answers/solutions to complex niche-focused problems.

Marketing is not a new phenomenon

Because they don’t understand how B2C content marketing differs from B2B. If you think B2B content marketing is the same as B2C content marketing, think again. The biggest reason why they differ is due to the mindset of their potential customers and how they do business. Which means they have different priorities. goals for B2B content marketing B2C content marketing goals Unlike their B2B counterparts, B2C customers are not looking for big deals when they go to Google search. There are many B2B marketers that take advantage of content marketing on a regular basis — almost 82% of them. However, still, a considerable amount of companies fail to see the kind of results they want with B2B content marketing. Why?  They’re looking to buy products only after they are sure of their purchase.

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