As applicable, it includes things like: Social media channels and how you use them Sites where you have a presence How you respond to reviews (think Wendy’s sarcasm vs more professional responses) How you connect with customers Language/Tone/Formatting Color schemes Font sizes/styles Types of imagery And so on styling guide Keep this guide concise. That’s Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timebound. Discuss with your freelancer whether the timeline is attainable. As experts, they should have a good idea about what’s possible and what’s not. A style guide, or branding guide, allows you to show a consistent face to your customers. A freelancer will need it to deliver the best results.

It’s time to help them better align with your brand. Longer style guides make sense. You wouldn’t try to market without knowing who your target audience is. Freelance or not, you’ll always get the best results when a marketing professional knows who they’re intended to connect with. Write it out. Be clear on who you want this person to reach. What are this audience’s challenges and goals? Focus on what’s important. Their time is money just like yours is. It’s not reasonable to ask someone to read a 10-page document just to write you a short $100 article. Have you established a longer-term partnership with a freelance content marketing professional?

Prepare Your Style Guide

Actually Read Reviews Read reviews before choosing a freelance content marketing professional. What are their interests, income levels, educations, or job types? All of this impacts how a content marketer works their magic. 7. Start Your Search There are many places to find freelancers. Avoid bidding sites. These are usually a waste of time Oman phone number for you and the freelancer. People rarely read your project brief and simply try to under-bid their competition. Look for sites that are more exclusive. Sites that have a vetting process will cost you more. But you’ll save time because they’ve weeded out freelancers that are less likely to deliver results. LinkedIn is also a great place to search. There, you see endorsements and get a feel for the content marketer’s skill level, experience, and expertise.


Reviews for freelancers Be on the lookout for suspicious reviews. Reviews may be fake if: They use lots of positive industry catchphrases The reviewer only writes positive reviews Most of the reviewer’s reviews look the same or similar Several reviews are left within a few days Strange use of language. Eg, states that a reviewer is in the US. But there are subtle language choices that suggest that they’re not from the US like putting a $ after the amount or specifying US dollars. A person can say all day long that they know what they’re doing. Don’t put your business in the hands of someone who was “all talk”. Get validation from people who’ve worked with them. While we need reviews to ensure this person knows what they’re doing, Don’t get taken in by fake reviews that aren’t really representative.

Develop Written Buyer Personas

Sometimes something that looks like a red flag is just an honest reviewer who happens to write suspicious-looking reviews. These red flags should, however, cause you to take a closer look. 9. Review Portfolios & Case Studies How do you know the person is a good fit for you? Do they have a style that can be adapted to your needs? If you’re paying for strategy, distribution, or SEO, can they show that they get results? Take a look at what this person has to offer. Unfortunately, writing fake reviews is big business in some countries. A negative reviewer complains that they don’t understand how this person has such great reviews. In this case, this person is probably a real reviewer pointing out that other reviews are fake. Don’t write someone off.

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