Showcase what your business does so visitors . Potential customers can get an idea of ​​your business before they even contact you. avoids unnecessary fields and words. So that the page remains as targeted as possible. 15 examples of good contact pages For this list, I looked for contact pages that adhere to all (or many) best practices. The items are in random order. 1. Zen desk Best Contact Pages Websites America: Zendesk. Zendesk is a global Bahamas Phone Number  company with 24 offices. For such a large organization it can be difficult to display all contact details in an orderly manner on a contact page. But Zendesk manages not only to display all the crucial information, but also to make it a stylish gem without a trace of chaos. By sending the visitor in a certain direction with buttons and by clustering information, the whole remains calm and clear.

A good contact page

Every business should strive for a great Bahamas Phone Number contact page, no matter what your industry is and how big your company is. A well-thought-out contact page will help you maintain a professional look and make it easy to engage with your audience. And if that is not important enough, I would like to add that a good contact page contributes to a long-term relationship with your customers. And that is something every company strives for.

Bahamas Phone Number

On your website: make it!


This is web design and UX design as I Bahamas Phone Number would like to see it more often! 4. Atlassian Best contact pages websites: Atlassian. Why do I like the contact page on the Atlassian website ? It is clear that the passport photos are not stock photos . They are portraits of real friendly people. These are the people who answer emails and phone calls at Atlassian. Also special: there is a button to give feedback to the founders of Atlassian. Each of these elements demonstrates a high level of transparency and demonstrates Atlassian’s openness to criticism and improvement. In addition, the contact page shares a wide variety of helpful documents and answers a good number of frequently asked questions. 5. Cycling De Geus Best contact pages websites Belgium: Cycling De Geus. Cycling De Geus, a bicycle shop in Antwerp , adheres to almost every best practice of a good contact page for a website.

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