Podium begins its journey in Denmark Russian Federation Email List in mid-2019, to shortly after make the leap to Germany, and arrive in Spain in June 2020 . « It is estimated that the audio content industry (podcasts Russian Federation Email List, audio books, audio series, etc.) will represent more than 50,000 million dollars in the next 5 or 6 years, counting on an increasingly numerous listening public, which continuously discovers and consumes interesting audio content. It is a fantastic opportunity, and with our strategic approach based on content delivered in the languages ​​of the different local markets, we feel well positioned to capture a substantial part of this market, “says CEO and Founder Merton Strung.

As the company explained in a statement, with this injection of resources its objective is to promote the acquisition of new original and exclusive premium content in each of the markets in which they operate, without neglecting the generation of income for content creators. “In just one year, we have been able to create on Podium an impressive catalog in Spanish of more than 3,000 exclusive podcast episodes, making us the platform that has created the most original content in 2021 in this language . Thanks to this new round of financing, our objective is to double our investment in the creation of original content in Spanish to become the main entertainment audio content platform in Spain and Latin America.

Russian Federation Email List

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Podium has a large list of creators from Spain and Latin America, who generate original content in podcast format, with names such as Silvia April, Toni Acosta, Angel Martin, Eva Ache, Ike Jimenez, Patty Jordan, Teresa Vie, Xvi Martinez , in Spain, among many others. «In Latin America, we have managed to capture the interest of Alberto Las, Beth Mahavira, Eduardo Cherish, Pamela Deicer, Antonio Tortuous, Diego Petersen, Sissy Casino, Florence Alcatraz, Salaciousness, among many other prestigious creators to tell their next great story in podcast format, ” explains Strung. In addition, Podium has reached collaboration agreements with companies in the media sector such as Centavo, La Vanguard or Hilariousness, among others, and about 25 large production companies in Spain and Latin America are collaborating.

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