The pandemic changed the behavior of the population and, with it, the activity on networks that was strongly favored. Mostly an extension of brand voice. Today they are the main platform to interact with customers, sell and provide customer service. This has its pros and cons. On the one hand, many brands are more accessible, on the other, the market is becoming saturated. Having a presence on social networks does not ensure generating engagement and an active community . For this reason, this 2022 it is necessary to know . What to do in networks and how to do it. Main trends for social networks in 2022 The metaverse begins . To have a presence on networks 8 trends for social networks in 2022 – The metaverse As we told you in


the previous article about him, we will say little more. But the networks will have to see how to know how to . Manage these new realities. Growth of not so saturated social networks trends for social networks in 2022 – Social networks not .So saturated Social networks are growing more and more. With it also, its saturation level. In fact, despite Facebook and Instagram being the most effective platforms in terms of sales; TikTok, Pinterest and Snapchat have grown significantly and are expected to continue to do so next year. 3. Social networks as a customer service tool 8 trends for social networks in 2022 – Social networks for customer service With the pandemic, the option of physically going to the points of sale to solve any mishap with the products or calling customer service disappeared. Consumers became more accustomed,

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if possible, to making inquiries through social networks and Angola Email List discovered how immediate and effective such a service was. Like e-commerce, which was already experiencing a very substantial increase year after year, customer service on social networks also experienced exponential growth as a result of the pandemic. This is the trend for 2022, as shown by various international surveys. Customer service, as such, is one of the main concerns of brands and in social networks they have discovered a good ally to manage it effectively . For this, there are various platforms that allow networks to be managed jointly to resolve incidents as quickly and effectively as possible. 4. More original and organic advertising 8 trends for social networks in 2022: more organic advertising With the saturation of brands and ads on social networks, the consumer begins to ignore such content.

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The goal is to stand out . The headache? It will be from the advertisers. But, in addition, there are social networks that . Integrate ads as content, generating a less intrusive experience . It makes sense, being interrupted to announce something is uncomfortable. Some networks have understood this concept well and encourage the creator to generate interesting content and not rely so much on direct advertising. Social Media Trends in 2022: Snapchat Network Slogan Snapchat: Become part of the daily conversations of Snapchatters. Trends for Social Media in 2022: Audio on Social Media TikTok: Don’t advertise, do TikToks. 8 trends for social networks in 2022: motto in networks Pinterest Pinterest: Stop interrupting. Start to inspire. 5. Continuity of influencer success 8 trends for social networks in 2022:

That Increasingly Resemble The Original Idea Less And Less

the success of influencers continues In the coming year this trend seems to continue to settle. There are more and more of them since those with few followers can be more influential than the big influencers who fail to convert their users . Young people already search more on networks than on search engines about brands, and influencers are the perfect showcase for the proximity, trust and accessibility they generate. 6. Triumph of the short video format on social networks 8 trends for social networks in 2022: short videos This is no surprise. We saw it with TikTok, with Instagram integrating Reels and even YouTube with the Shorts. It is the fastest and easiest way without requiring an active exercise on the part of the user to deliver a message. Without even noticing the content has been delivered to you.

Presence of the audio format on social networks 8 Trends for . Social Media on Social Media This possibility includes two different aspects in terms of format: Podcast: this format is climbing positions among users: Content creators are making more and more use of the podcast format.So social networks will have to integrate them . Social audio that allows followers to connect with creators: WhatsApp audio saves many lives (perhaps too much) and having this possibility on networks is a mine of opportunities. Let’s imagine sending voice messages to influencers or creators and they can reply with the same format. It is, a possibility of generating more closeness if possible and a greater experience. 8. Advance of NFTs in social networks

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