Therefore, the pandemic has not generated this need, it has accelerated its implementation. And this implementation is necessary, since the data indicates that . Many companies could close as a result of this lack of digitization. But, what are the steps that an SME must follow when going digital? Steps to follow to digitize: 1. Internal and competitive analysis 8 steps for the digitization . Of SMEs: Internal and competitive analysis The first step is . To analyze the situation of our company. This analysis ranges from what our sector . Is, our position in it, our possibilities, our public and the stage in which we . Find ourselves in the digitization process. All this analysis will allow us to create a Digital Marketing s.

Respond to the needs of our digital customer 8 steps for the digitization . Of SMEs: Online clientIt is essential that we know what our client needs and is looking for. Whether it’s because of our sector or knowing the reason why you choose us, our client is different. And it is also in digital format. Many have converted and are digital customers and others already were. In any case, now that this trend has crystallized, it is time to . Understand what they demand and adapt to them. Why? Because otherwise they will stop choosing us. In other words, our regular customer may have become our digital customer due to the pandemic. But, in this new competitive environment, if we don’t . Know how to fully adapt to your needs, you will have hundreds of options to choose from with

Whoever Knows The Customer Best Wins

3. Choose useful digital tools for our profile 8 steps for Algeria Email List the digitization of SMEs: Digital toolsAfter the internal, competitive and client analysis, we have surely drawn a series of conclusions that will help us at this point. What do we mean? Well, not all tools can and should not be . Used in all sectors and with all audiences. What is certain is that a web . Page, clear and better intuitive, is essential for . Us to be found . On the net. From there, we will have to determine . What other tools are adapted to our needs and, therefore, we must include them. 4. Get advice from professionals 8 steps for the digitization of SMEs: AdviceSometimes things are not as obvious as they seem. Although one can “assemble” a website, in the end, achieving reach, managing it and understanding what the consumer needs, goes further. For this reason, .

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Digitization entails a whole series of transformation in the organizational culture that affects different processes and the company’s own thinking. And, in these aspects, it is in which professionals can help us even more. Technology advances by leaps and bounds, but the most important thing is to know what can serve us and what cannot. 5. Total change to a culture of innovation 8 steps for the digitization of SMEs: InnovationThis whole process must be accompanied by a complete change of mentality in the organization. We told you about it in our post about digital transformation . All this implies not only creating a web page, networks, or automating processes, but also a change of mentality oriented towards constant innovation. Digitization is, in large part, a change in the “mental” pattern of the organization..

Like Making Decisions After A Meeting In Which The

It is seeking constant improvement, process optimization, efficiency, productivity and employee culture hand in hand with the well-understood application of all these advances. And this point is very important, because the employee has to be part of this mentality and adapt to these improvements that are introduced and even promote them. Perhaps, this point is the most relevant of the entire digitization process: Understanding digitization, which is not a task to cross off the list of things to do or a goal, but the path. 5. Need to acquire own digital skills 8 steps for the digitization of SMEs: digitalis, this would be the union of several previous points. Although we have professionals who advise us, we have implemented different tools and the organization itself has adapted; it is necessary for the entrepreneur himself to understand this new language.

language of the other participant was not understood. Sounds bad, doesn’t it? Well, something like this would happen to us. In addition, because we can know our organization better than anyone, which gives us a criterion that, together with digital knowledge, generates a substantially beneficial combination in all senses. 6. Social networks as the main ally 8 steps for the digitization of SMEs: social networks Although managing a personal network is not the same as managing a business network, much less managing it well, at least this term sounds familiar to all of us. And this is the good news, that in this field we all understand each other and also, for now, it is immutably essential. Social media is essential as an extension of the organization’s voice.

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