Your company website is the face of the business. The client wants it to be friendly, simple, and functional. He has no time to play with your creativity. Santiago, Chile.- let’s agree that the website is the embassy of your business on the network. And therefore it must be as friendly as possible for the client. Despite this, due to ignorance. Lack of budget or for various reasons (inexplicable, by the way). Many websites tend to be a kind of labyrinth for those who visit them. Which only makes people tired on the first try. To search for information and abandon the task. Then, your brand lost it. Let’s see what are the things that the client hates. More related posts: 5 SEO keys to position your website in search engines 5 mistakes that can make.

Your Website and Your Sales Fail 5 Advantages of Retargeting.

The key to converting your website visitors into customers’ navigation is slow. The excess “Weight” on the site causes slowness every second. It takes to open a page, drives the customer away. If the Buy New Zealand WhatsApp Numbers interest in the product is not strong, patience will not play in your favor. Difficulty finding information. Sometimes, in the desire to show more (more photos, more links, more sub-menus, etc.). We confuse the information. Up close I know places where the menu is repeated and the customer. Gets lost (both ways, I assure you)the autorun of the video. Nothing more hateful than starting to listen to an audio or video.

When You Are Reading a Text So Search for How to.

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Close the video in question ends up closing the home of the website. It usually happens, in chile at least, with some news sites. Bad idea. Lack of prices. Stop publishing prices is no longer an “exclusivity” strategy. In fact, few people enter a physical store, if they do not see the prices of the products outside, because it is assumed that it is something ostentatious. The website must give as much information as possible, without the potential client having to give all their data to get it. Mandatory forms. Continuing with the previous point, the mandatory form is something that cannot be avoided (we need, we long for the records).

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