Santiago, chile.- being a musician is not a hobby. It is a job like any other, within the area of ​​creativity. Of course, and for this it is necessary to establish marketing. Plan with a series of actions that bring you closer to the public first and that they manage. To hook it later. It is not easy because the artist is not a “gold coin”, but if you know where your target. Audience is and order your activities, sooner rather than later you will achieve good. Results in the niche that corresponds to you. Here are 5 fundamental steps for your marketing plan as a musician. More related notes: and sister christina continues to add success. We will all be composers. Thanks to these nice musical fingers uber and spotify come together:

Now You Can Customize Your Transport Music.

Planning with time. Before you start recording. It’s good to establish the first steps to get your marketing plan rolling. The investment of creating, practicing and recording. Your work must be backed by proper planning that includes, for example. Your website so that fans can learn more about you, your music and can purchase. The Belarus B2B List product once the album is ready. If you start from scratch, it will probably take you twice as long to get there or get closer to the goal. Presence in social networks. It seems obvious, but sometimes we forget that the artist must be present in the main social networks. So that his music reaches everywhere.

Youtube Vimeo Facebook and Twitter Will Be Yours.

Belarus B2B List

Fundamental platforms. Also, soundcloud and even myspace (yes, it’s still a good showcase). Are more than convenient spaces for spreading your music. Distribution in digital media. In addition to social networks, you need your music to be available. In a wide range of public spaces. With spotify, itunes and portaldisc, you will have a much wider range for broadcasting. The important thing is to make the alliance before releasing the album. The good old newsletter.

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