To clarify what patterns are in a business model and to inspire you, here are 5 examples. In each example I describe what the pattern is and what the possible advantages and disadvantages are. . Bundle individual elements Make more buying easy for the customer by packing related products together. Benefits: Way to entice customers to Greece Phone Number purchase more offers. Ability to personalize offerings for specific target groups.

Bundle individual elements

Making more buying easier because the buyer has to  Greece Phone Number make fewer considerations. Challenges: Strong focus on purchasing a bundle can come across as too commercial. When using a price discount, a piece of margin is given away. Sample Bundle: Philips Hue Starter Pack with Google Home bundle Anyone considering purchasing a Google Home will probably also find it interesting to control the lamps via the Google Assistant. All these parts separately are quite expensive.

Greece Phone Number

The Google Home Mini, the Philips Hue  Greece Phone Number Bridge and then the Philips Hue lamps. Philips offers a bundle with 3 Hue lamps in it for a discounted price. Once someone has a few Hue lamps in their home, there is a greater chance that other lamps will also be replaced by Hue lamps in the future. 2. Crowdsourcing Submit a task, problem or issue to third parties and offer them compensation for providing a solution. Benefits: Crowdsourcing can increase innovation capacity and provide surprising insights. It can be a good way to co-create with future customers.

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