In addition to the website, there is a magazine that now has 29 editions, a podcast and an app. The content is also well shared on various social media platforms. This requires a gigantic effort. The colophon reflects that. It appoints 15 editors, 7 people who do the production, 6 people who promote the content and 19 people with other tasks. go. er. But. on. That South Korea Phone Number  makes me curious about the business case, because the ongoing costs of this content effort are undoubtedly not small (to put it mildly). Because Deloitte Insights has been around for a while, I assume that there will be sufficient returns. Revenues that go beyond  South Korea Phone Number added value and brand value.

Product-centric hookers

Also read: Reusing your content: 46 ideas to try right away What Deloitte does here well is that it unites the many topics that their customers are interested South Korea Phone Number in into a comprehensive platform that addresses various topics and uses different content formats for this. This way everyone can consume that content in their own way. The scale at which Deloitte shares this content is enormous. Deloitte actually becomes a publisher of large, broad subjects. 2. IKEA: product-centric hookers Coming up with inhakers is an art in itself. For most companies, it’s something they do once or only once in a while. This does not apply to IKEA, which regularly introduces inhakers.

South Korea Phone Number

Now, inhakers are often expressions that  South Korea Phone Number have to make the brand more known or have to load. It is much more difficult to directly sell your products with an inhaker. That makes these IKEA hooks special. In addition to a sense of humor, it also requires self-mockery and the guts to poke fun at your own products. But IKEA does and does it repeatedly. A striking example of this is this pick-up on Bernie Sanders’ pose who went around the world. Bernie Sanders IKEA. This inhaker built on a longer trend of inhakers like ‘ Link Different ‘ with a lamp that made fun of Apple, the Yeezy bed and the discovery that the members of the Night’s Watch in Game of Thrones were not dressed in animal skins, but in IKEA faux fur . The result: brand awareness and brand awareness.

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