The possibility of expressing your ideas, philosophy of life and personal.  Such is the case of youtube, which attracted the attention of millions. Of people, both to share their experiences and to listen to them. México, df – the possibility. Of expressing your ideas, philosophy of life and personal experiences, was catapulted thanks. To the appearance of social networks. Such is the case of youtube , which attracted the attention. Of millions of people, both to share their experiences and to listen to them. More related notes: artist complains on youtube. About the title “Content creator” youtube bets on the second screen why is youtube so attractive. To brands? The term to describe these characters is vloggers. But thanks to their fondness for this social network.

They Are Also Known as Youtubers Below We Present.

The five youtubers with the greatest influence in mexico. We reverted gabriel montiel gutiérrez is the founder of this youtube. Channel, which began operating in february 2007. He was the first mexican vlogger to Bahrain B2B List receive. A payment from youtube, he currently has 9 million 289 thousand 800 subscribers and 1,204,132,888 billion total views. The most viewed video of him is the “birthday party”. In the last 30 days, the werever tomorrow. Account had 44 million 110 thousand 276 impressions. 2. Yuuya her passion for makeup. Made her join the social network in 2009 when she was only 16 years old. Her novel makeup tricks and her.

Quirky Style Attracted the Attention of 9 Million.

Bahrain B2B List

Thousand 385 subscribers. She currently has 759 million 332 thousand 050 reproductions. For her part. The account reached 200 million, 809 thousand 518 impressions. 3. Caelike with a character named juanixta, this change. Won the hearts of 4 million 223 thousand 343 subscribers. This vlogger is known for the dimecaelidime. Video series, in which she answers disturbing questions from her fans. Her most viewed video is mi primer vez and has 359 million 578 thousand 080 total reproductions. This account had 437 million 632 thousand.

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