Next steps In the same blog update Argentina Email Address in which they announced this new measure, Google has specified that there are two ways to validate this indexing. The first of them is to see it through the Argentina Email Address status that is shown in the configuration page of Google Search Console. And the second, also within this tool, is through the function of inspecting URL. For sites that Argentina Email Address have already been indexed, this situation does not present any change, but for those that have not, the internet giant recommends following the lines of its Argentina Email Address guide of good practices to prepare once it is time for indexing, in the they will continue to work gradually.

Priority content must match between mobile and desktop

On the other hand, they Argentina Email Address also clarify that ” if a website is not verified in Search Console, we will not be able to inform you of the pending change to mobile-first indexing.” Therefore, it is of great importance Argentina Email Address for developers or website owners to join this platform if they have not already done so. Haven’t prepared your site for mobile indexing yet? You should do it asap In any case, last March Google assured that “70% Argentina Email Address of the websites that are shown in search results have Argentina Email Address already changed” , so this figure should be higher now. In fact, by default all new websites have been indexed by Mobile First for months.

Mobile images and videos must follow

Mobile First Index Argentina Email Address: how to prepare your eCommerce for the new stage Google has continuously given notice of this change in their indexing for some time now, and most of the websites already Argentina Email Address have their mobile versions ready to face this new era, which should not surprise anyone since we have had plenty of time to prepare. . Most of the pages that Google teaches are already indexed by its mobile version Argentina Email Address 5 common issues to check out before migrating to the Mobile First Index If you manage a website that has not migrated to the new index, Google released a statement with some of the Argentina Email Address most common problems to consider when the site is automatically migrated to mobile indexing.

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