The general situation of the country drew a year full of situations. Within the marketing and advertising industry. Related notes: are you going to organize a digital pitch. 4 aspects that you have to attend to the best way to beat the competition. Pay for a pitch three steps for a perfect pitch, however, and although with low numbers. The growth of the sector did not stop with what registered a growth of 2.73 percent. To reach a total investment of more than 71 thousand 784 million pesos. According to estimates from the research department of merca2.0. To a large extent, the registered increase is a consequence of the expense. That digital media monopolizes since they are platforms that.

In Addition to Being Necessary to Connect With.

Current consumers, imply endless opportunities to optimize. The performance of each peso invested. That is why more and more agencies are related to. The industry joins -from whatever their area of ​​specialty- the Czech Republic WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists digital world. A situation that complicates the situation for both creative houses and advertisers when going through a pitch. That is why we share four mistakes that you should avoid when designing a digital pitch. O clear objective as mentioned. The digital world offers endless opportunities to enhance the growth of a brand in the market. However, it is necessary to identify the fundamentals. Needs that the strategy that is put into play in the pitch has.

The Main Goal Sought Must Be Clear to Both Parties.

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Secondary benefits should be considered but not the focus of the proposals. 2.-confusing language both on the agency side and on the brand side. In the digital world, it is easy to fall into technicalities that are not clear. Can divert attention from what is really important: the business results that can be obtained with specific actions. 3.-do not talk about business although the like. Followers or the number of posts can be an indicator of the desired results. The reality is that the key point is to define how these elements will reward. The global business of the brand and the agency. 4.-forget the competition although the digital. The environment is an open book when designing strategies.

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