We create a lot of content. Often to convince potential customers that they should be with us. On the one hand, understandable, because companies need new business to exist, but (a big one)… What about content for existing customers? That is sometimes forgotten. Almost always. That is why I will discuss the importance of loyalty content and explain how you create and use it. Why is creating content for existing customers important? It is five times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing customer. According to Harvard Business School , an increase in customer retention of as little as 5% can lead to a 25% to 95% increase Switzerland Phone Number  in profits. That is quite something. In addition, loyalty content helps to increase trust in your company or brand.

Make existing customers feel special

That is not easy these days, because Switzerland Phone Number consumers expect a lot. There is something in return for companies, because trust ensures that customers buy something more quickly from you. They will also recommend you more easily within their own circle. There is no more efficient marketing. Furthermore, a customer who trusts your company or brand will share data with you faster. You can use that data to improve your marketing activities. In short, show with loyalty content that you want to do more than just sell something and that you want and can do more for your customer. Ideas for loyalty content 1. Listen to your customer’s pain and offer solutions We are of course already doing this en masse for potential new customers.

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The solution is often your product or service. When someone becomes a customer, there is less attention for his or her problems. Is there a question? Then customer service can be contacted. Pro-actively address the pain of existing customers by checking social media comments, searching online for what’s being said about your business, and engaging with customer service. Make an inventory of what questions are being asked. What do customers encounter? These are topics you can create loyalty content about.

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