Hopefully, to prevent what happens on Facebook from happening on Instagram, easy sharing will never be enabled in the posts feed. Video rules in the form of Stories, Reels and live streams What Instagram trends are there for 2022? In any case, video will remain the most important form of content in the coming years. Short video in Stories and Reels, but also longer videos and live streams are here to stay .

This can also be seen in the algorithm: do you want to keep growing, in terms of following and engagement rate ? Then make sure that you also make videos in addition to good feed and Stories content. Reels in particular are currently rewarded by Instagram by showing them to more accounts than just your followers. Another integration in video is ‘shopping’.

For example, creators can add shopping tags to their photo and video content and we will be able to shop ‘live’ in a live stream in the near future . This is already possible in Tiktok, for example. In addition to buying products, you can also give virtual gifts to your favorite streamers, in the form of an icon such as a rose or a diamond. You first buy them with Tiktok coins, which you pay via your bank account.


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