We share 20 data divided into four areas of action that glimpse. Some keys to understand and captivate the mexican digital user in 2015. Mexico df-. For the year that is about to begin, one of the areas that is expected to have the greatest. Growth is digital marketing, given the importance that digital channels. Have in the daily habits of consumers. Related articles: internet users turn the new york times into spam. For twitter brands annoy 33% of internet users smartphones. Are used by 86% of internet users to access the internet however, thanks to the consolidation. Of new channels such as wearable technology.

Communication Dynamics in This Field Are Expected.

To evolve and cease to be what they have been until now. In this sense, we share 20 data divided into four areas of action that glimpse. Some keys to General Manager Email List understanding and captivate the mexican digital user in 2015:1.-how many are there. And how are they related to advertising? In 2015 in mexico. There will be 65 million internet users , a figure that by 2018 will reach 80 million. Currently, internet users in the country spend 9 hours a day in this medium. 77 percent of users in the country say they see online. Advertising several times a day.

The Remaining 13 Percent Only Do This Activity Once a Day.

General Manager Email List

After seeing advertising, 46 percent of internet. Users have bought a product . Advertising for coca-cola, nike, linio, bestday and adidas are the most. Remembered by users in mexico. The fastest growing ad formats are social media ads (11 percent). And video ads (5 percent)2.-online purchases 53 percent of internet users research online. The products of their interest before making a purchase. Insurance (60 percent), movie tickets (59 percent). Televisions (53 percent) and appliances (46 percent). Are the products that mexicans most research. Online and then buy in a physical store.

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