Why is it necessary to enhance the consumer’s digital experience in 2022? 10 trends in digital consumer experience for 2022 Several . That show an increase in the . Importance of the shopping experience when it comes to retaining a consumer. These are data provided by studies . That cannot always be . Transferred to all targets or sectors . Out which reveal that the consumer experience plays a very important role in conversion. In addition, with a good experience, customers will . Feel more confident with the brand and will be less reluctant .To give data that, later, will allow us to know their profile in greater depth

On the other hand, the pandemic has boosted the use of the digital environment and also boosted online purchases in almost all age segments of the population. Those consumers who were previously not part of the digital market are now regular consumers. In the same way, many businesses that previously reduced their communication and transactions to offline, have had to go online. The result is a clear trend towards digital interaction. Therefore, combining what . Above, if the customer experience is the . Cornerstone for their conversion and loyalty, and the interaction . Between customer and brand is increasingly digital… in 2022, . Companies must enhance their digital consumer experience. To do this, companies must now propose medium-long-term strategies to improve

At The Same Time Support The Agent In Real Time

Trends in digital consumer experience for 2022 . Strike the Andorra Email List balance between automation and human resources The digital experience process of the consumer cannot always be carried out entirely personally. Similarly, in the opposite direction. In other words, such specific attention is sometimes necessary . That it must be attended by an agent available and prepared for it. On other occasions . The query can be solved with the correct automation of a chatbot or with intelligence that allows the query to be channeled to the appropriate channel and avoid bottlenecks. Reaching this hybrid balance that combines one aspect and the other is one of the challenges for 2022. Hand in hand with artificial intelligence, Machine learning and the correct training of agents, it is possible to automate certain tasks and

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many agents already recognize that they need more artificial intelligence resources to be able to respond quickly to customers. For this, it is necessary to enhance the following aspects and combine them properly: Optimize the agent experience to support the consumer experience: For the agent to respond as quickly and accurately as possible to queries, it needs unified technology and AI. The latter, properly executed, allows establishing the necessary knowledge bases and providing real-time support to the agent. Optimize chatbots to be efficient: Many times in order to help the consumer, we actually lose it. It is annoying to go to a chatbot that does not know how to answer what you request and wastes your time. For this, it is necessary to promote a good configuration and improvement of these technologies

Aspects Of Performance And Adaptation To The Product

Using them to channel the query to the agent or the ideal . Response based on the use of keywords that are requested is a good configuration.  Respond to the consumer “self-service” trend The client is increasingly accustomed to immediacy. For this reason, when you have a doubt or difficulty, every minute you lose in solving it is a stone that we add to the customer experience. According to certain studies, the first thing a customer does when they have a question is to search for it on Google and then on the product’s website. Only a small percentage call or contact the supplier. For this reason, it is necessary to supply solutions and make them locatable in the channel used by the client to provide information . Creating a good, clear sheet of questions and answers,


for example, allows a good position in Google for our page . So that the client finds us and solves their doubts quickly and reliably. To this end, using a study of the keywords . Used by the user, asking the agents the most frequent doubts .Or resolved doubts are some of the resources to . Resort to in order to anticipate user searches. 3. Management of the internet of things (IoT) The internet of . Things is the interconnection to the network of different . Objects that we use on a daily basis, which exchanges data about us and our . Environment with the network. The smart watch, for example, provides a lot of data about us. This, from the point of view of corporations, allows for a deeper . Understanding of preferences, but also the user’s experience with the product and the brand

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