Each year email marketing databases shrink by up to 25 percent. Due to people changing email addresses. Every year email marketing databases shrink. By up to 25 percent due to people changing email addresses or simply leaving, among other reasons. But how do you maintain a good number of users? Below are 10 tips to retain or grow your list. Related articles: marvel rectifies after negative comments presents preview in human size of ant-man in case you missed it. The most read of vuelo digital in 20147 marketing words used excessively during 2014 1. Be interesting. The key factor: people stay subscribed if the content is original. Engaging and relevant. You can even add some humor.

Host an Online Webinar if You Have Expertise on.

A topic, it is best to take advantage of it and use the mailing list to hold a webinar. People’s questions or doubts are a good guide. 3. Answer the CIO& CTO Email List questions. Dialogue with the public is the best way to let people know that their comments, doubts, or questions are read and taken into account. 4. Give something free. Developing or sharing a tool or resource or other valuable. Content that people want is a great opportunity to show love for their success. E-mail 5. High-resolution. Images. An image says a lot, the content stands out.

With Attractive Images and It Will Affect the Click through Rate.

CIO& CTO Email List

People are also more likely to share content with a photo. Or video included. 6. Short videos. If videos are to be embedded, they should be short. Ie less than two minutes, or simply include an image of the video in the email and a link to the destination page where it is played. 7. Use headers that guarantee the opening of the mail. The most read of vuelo digital in 20147 marketing words used excessively during 2014 1. Be

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