Aplus field marketing , the spanish company specializing in field marketing. Campaigns and which last year directly managed more than 4,500 employment. Contracts in its campaigns, has today published a decalogue of typical mistakes. Made by those who aspire to get a job in the marketing sector and advertising. This decalogue, drawn up based on the company’s vast experience. In recruiting marketing, advertising and sales orientation profiles, is aimed primarily. At young people with training in one of these fields who aspire to get a job. Within the industry. Also for those people, mostly students. Who combine their studies with occasional or part-time jobs in promotional. Activities such as hostesses, actors, sales promoters and other profiles.

In the Words of Elena Martín Navarro General Director.

Of aplus field marketing, “By its very nature, the Belgium Business Fax List marketing and advertising. Sector is not suitable for everyone. It implies a series of requirements and social skills that not everyone has. In addition, the competition is great, especially with the current economic situation. Many people compete for a few places and it is not easy to be chosen. We receive 30 to 40 resumes daily, many of which are immediately. Discarded by a series of mistakes that, however, are easy to avoid.” I will not hire you in my marketing and advertising. Company if you… 1) you lack passion . If you tell me that you have seen my website and that blah, blah. Blah, and that we are the company of your life and that you would go crazy to work here.

But Let That Enthusiasm Show Tell Me What Specifically.


You liked about our advertising agency, show me that you have done more. Than look at the contact tab to find the address where. To send your email. Assure me that you would have planned this or that campaign better. Or that you would have performed your functions better and how. 2) you have plenty of errors . The most important product you will. Ever have in your hands is yourself. Take care of the details. Do not make mistakes in spelling or concordance, treat. Me of you or of you, but not both in the same paragraph. It’s not essential to go funny.

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