A large company. Marta tells us San Marino Email List that in the case of large companies it is essential to know all the departments and how they work. “It is also very important to know how to manage and optimize time in the best possible way. There are always going to be a lot of tasks to be done and this is where how you prioritize plays San Marino Email List a big role. To get it right, I consider it essential to understand the philosophy of the company », he explains. “ For me, working at Druni implies teamwork, communication, organization, motivation, effort and San Marino Email List satisfaction. Specifically, in my department I would highlight San Marino Email List the importance of communication both internally and inter departmentally.

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In the end, being San Marino Email List aligned and going all together is what will make things go forward ”. Advantages of working in a large company In a large company, the advantages according to Laura Gallop San Marino Email List coincide a lot with those of Marta in terms of structure and clear processes, and collaborations with other departments. On the other hand, he adds that the marketing budget is high and that ” you can dedicate all the time in San Marino Email List the world to your project, affection and love to the fullest . San Marino Email List” Disadvantages The bad, or not so good, part of large companies is that ” the processes are much slower.

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At this point, Laura adds that ” there is more hierarchy, control and validation points, that is, San Marino Email List less agility .” On the other hand, he indicates that it is important to note that ” sometimes a single client, when you are starting in marketing, makes you lose a little perspective and knowledge of other sectors San Marino Email List or products .” What skills does a good marketer need? 1. Tool control The use of tools is essential for a good marketing professional. It is important to start using them during your training period so that when San Marino Email List you start working, you have advanced part of the work. ” It is important to manage and control tools that allow you to create, measure and learn from the results San Marino Email List” recommends Nuria Lara during the conversation.

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